Lindab European Gutters

If you’re looking for a gutter system that provides a blend of European sophistication matched with robust performance and functionality, it’s time to consider Linbad Rainline Gutters for your property!

Lindab Gutters can be installed on properties of all shapes and sizes – from residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Why Lindab Gutters For Your Ottawa Property?


Efficient Design

Lindab European Gutters are crafted with a half-round design. This unique shape requires less surface area for water to move, ensuring rapid and efficient water drainage. Say goodbye to stagnant water and hello to swift flow.


High-Quality Material

Lindab Gutters are crafted from robust 23-gauge steel, this not only provides unmatched durability but also ensures that your gutter system remains resilient against everyday wear and tear, offering unparalleled strength in every season.


Weather Resistance

Weather can be harsh and unpredictable, especially in Ottawa! But with Lindab European Gutters, you’re always prepared. Whether it’s the sharp sting of hail, the weight of accumulated ice, or the burden of heavy snowfall, these gutters are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring consistent performance and protection.


Less Maintenance

Thanks to their design, Lindab Gutters effectively reduce the accumulation of debris, ensuring a smoother water flow. This means fewer cleanings and less maintenance! A simple occasional check-up is all it takes to keep them in optimal condition.

FAQ’s About Lindab European Gutters

What are Lindab gutters made of?

Lindab gutters are crafted from high-quality 23-gauge steel. This steel construction ensures durability, strength, and resistance to corrosion. The steel is further coated with a thick layer of Zinc and polyester for enhanced rust resistance and longevity.

What exactly are European style gutters?

European style gutters, often referred to as “half-round gutters,” have a semicircular design, as opposed to the more common boxy design seen in many North American gutters.

This design is not only aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of European class to properties, but also functional, as it efficiently moves water and debris.

What is the life expectancy of Lindab European Gutters?

Lindab European Gutters are built to last. With a life expectancy of over 70 years and a 15-year warranty on painted products, you can be assured of their longevity and durability.

How resistant are Lindab European Gutters to extreme weather conditions?

They are constructed to perform and protect against the harshest of elements, including hail, ice, and heavy snowfall.

They can handle whatever extreme weather Ottawa wants to throw our way!

How much maintenance is required?
One of the standout features of Lindab European Gutters is their low maintenance requirement. Their efficient design ensures minimal debris accumulation, reducing the need for frequent cleanings. Typically, an occasional wipe down or a flush with a hose is all that’s required to keep them in top condition.
What colours are available?
Lindab Gutters come in up to 10 different colors, ensuring a perfect match for any home aesthetic.

Additionally, the paint used on Lindab gutters is UV stable, ensuring that the colors remain vibrant and do not fade over time.

Ready To See The Difference Lindab European Gutters Make?

European Gutters deliver unparalleled performance, elegance, and durability. Don’t settle for less when you can elevate your home’s exterior with one of the best gutter systems in the industry!

Whether you’re looking to install on a new build, or replacing your old system, our expert Ottawa eavestroughing team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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