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Experience Clog-Free gutters even in the harshest conditions

Alu Rex T-Rex

the T-Rex Gutter Guard system is designed to provide an impenetrable shield against the elements. Empowered by advanced Winter Shield technology, T-Rex guarantees a clog-free experience even in the harshest of winters that Ottawa throws our way, ensuring your home’s exteriors remain pristine and damage-free. And with a lifetime warranty on sturdiness, and a 25-year warranty on clogs, you can rest assured knowing this system will perform for decades to come!

How It Works

With freezing temperatures and ice build-up, winters can be hard, especially on your gutters. But with the T-Rex’s Winter Shield Technology, your gutters can face even the most challenging weather Ottawa’s winters can throw your way!

Winter Shield ensures that water continues to flow freely through your gutters, preventing ice build-up and the potential damage it can cause.

  • Snow and ice remain on top of the gutter, not inside
  • Does not rust or warp
  • Protects your gutters from expansion caused by snow and ice freezing/thawing inside the gutter

Leaves, twigs, and other debris can quickly clog traditional gutters, leading to overflows and potential water damage.

With the T-Rex Gutter Guard, such concerns become a thing of the past. Its innovative design effectively keeps out debris, ensuring your gutters do not clog and that water flows seamlessly away from your home.

In independent tests, gutters fitted with T-Rex drain 29.7 inches of water per hour (755mm)

Rollback technology ensures water stays indise the eavestorugh even during the heaviest storms.

With T-Rex, you will never have to worry about gutter overflow again!

Why Choose Alu Rex T-Rex For Your Ottawa Property?

With a diverse climate of cold, snowy winters, and annual precipitation of 750mm per year, Ottawa poses unique challenges for property owners, especially when it comes to protecting and maintaining your homes.

The Alu Rex T-Rex Gutter Guard is a great solution for many reasons:


Protection In All Seasons

Winter Shield technology ensures that gutters remain functional and free-flowing even during the harshest winter conditions.
Aluperf technology keeps debris out of your gutters in spring, summer, and fall, ensuring clog-free performance. 


Sturdy and Durable

Made of high-grade aluminum, and when combined with seamless installation, the T-Rex Gutter Guard is built to withstand the test of time, offering unmatched strength and resilience,

Lifetime Warranty

T-Rex is one of the most sophisticated gutter guards on the market, and gutters using this system are closed and seamless, making them incredibly strong.

As a result, Alu Rex T-Rex offers a lifetime manufacture and sturdiness warranty, in addition to a 25-year clog-free warranty.

Ready To See The Difference T-Rex Makes?

Every property owner deserves the peace of mind that comes with knowing their property is shielded from potential water damage. With the relentless challenges posed by nature, it’s crucial to equip your home with a defense that’s both robust and reliable.

So protect your home with the best, and don’t let clogged gutters be a weak link in the defense of your home! Reach out to our expert Ottawa eavestroughing team for a free quote, and to get your home’s gutters fitted with T-Rex today!

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