Microfiltration Continuous Hanger™

The Ultimate Solution To Clog-Free Rain Gutters

Alu Rex Double Pro

Crafted with precision and backed by cutting-edge Eclipse technology, the Alu Rex Double Pro stands as a testament to innovation in gutter protection.

Its unique double membrane design ensures that your gutters remain free from debris, leaves, and pine needles, all while allowing water to flow seamlessly.

How It Works

Eclipse features a double membrane design that prevents debris like leaves and twigs from entering the gutter. Its offset holes allow water to drain efficiently while blocking finer debris such as pine needles, ensuring a clog-free system.

Vortex utilizes the suction from two membranes to drain three times more water even in the heaviest storms. The inner membrane, with its wider holes, ensures swift water flow and efficient drainage.

Rollback technology ensures water stays indise the eavestorugh even during the heaviest storms.

With T-Rex, you will never have to worry about gutter overflow again!

With freezing temperatures and ice build-up, winters can be hard, especially on your gutters. But with the T-Rex’s Winter Shield Technology, your gutters can face even the most challenging weather Ottawa’s winters can throw your way!

Winter Shield ensures that water continues to flow freely through your gutters, preventing ice build-up and the potential damage it can cause.

  • Snow and ice remain on top of the gutter, not inside
  • Does not rust or warp
  • Protects your gutters from expansion caused by snow and ice freezing/thawing inside the gutter

Why Choose Alu Rex Double Pro For Your Ottawa Property?


Wintershield Technology

By keeping snow and ice on top of the gutter, and not inside of it, Winter Shield Technology ensures your gutters last longer by preventing any damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles. 


Sturdier Gutters

With the Double Pro, your gutters are reinforced from end to end using a continuous hanger system. There are no weak points with this design, and it can even hold the weight of three people! 

360° Lifetime Warranty

As one of the most sophisticated gutter guards on the market and Alu Rex’s flagship product, the Double Pro is covered by the most extensive warranty in the industry.

When you purchase Double Pro, you get a lifetime warranty on materials, durability, and clog-free performance. Double Pro is also the only gutter guard with a clog-free warranty that extends to cover pine areas!

Ready To See The Difference Double Pro Makes?

Designed with precision and backed by years of expertise, Double Pro by Alu Rex offers unparalleled protection against debris, rain, snow, and ice, ensuring your eavestroughs are clean, clear, and functional all year long.

Reach out to our expert Ottawa eavestroughing team for a free quote, and to get your home’s gutters fitted with Double Pro today!

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